Lewisburg Alumni Veterans

The Lewisburg Alumni Association has dedicated a wall in the high school to the Alumni that have served and died for our country.
Pfc. John Robert Maurer, United States Army

Pfc john maurer

October 23, 1924 - November 9, 1944

Pfc. John Robert Maurer, the only son of Mr. and MRs. John Maurer, was born in Danville, Pa., on October 23, 1924. He grew up in Lewisburg, attended its public schools, graduated from the High School here in 1942, then took a course in the Williamsport Mechanical School, and upon its completion entered the employ of the Rheem Manufacturing Company of Danville. It was while in the employ of this Company, that he decided to enlist in the United States Army, March 26, 1943.

The basic training of Pfc. Maurer took place at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. In January, 1944, he was transferred to Texas, then to Louisiana, where he participated in maneuvers, then was assigned to Camp Breckenridge, Ky. A member of the 75th Division at that time, Pfc. Maurer became a part of the Third Army upon the splitting up of the Division and was transferred to Camp Meade, Md. From there he left for overseas duty, arriving in England, June 28th.

From England he was transferred to France, serving as a supply and small arms repair man in an Infantry unit. September 15th he was joined to the famous fighting 90th Division. It was while the Third Army, under the command of General Patton, was moving through the strong Metz defenses in France that attacked by his unit, although one of the strongest, was successfully stormed and captured.

On January 2, 1945, Secretary of War Stimson, awarded him, post humorously, the Purple Heart, for his gallantry in action.

Pfc. Maurer was baptized in this Church on April 12, 1925; confirmed in this Church on April 2, 1939. He was a member of the Sunday School and the Youth Fellowship.

Besides his parents he is survived by his sister, Anna Jane.