LAHS Foundation

The Lewisburg Area High School Foundation was incorporated on January 16, 1990.

The purpose of the organization is:

1 – to accept and expend funds in support of such curricular and extracurricular activities and programs of the Lewisburg Area School District as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine

2 – to take hold by bequest, devise, gift, purchase or lease either absolutely or in trust, for any purposes, any property, real or personal, without limitation as to amount or value, to sell, convey and dispose of any such property and to invest and reinvest the principal thereof, and to deal with and expend the income and principal of the corporation for any of the purposes hereinbefore set forth

3 – to do all things necessary or appropriate in order to accomplish the foregoing purposes

4 – such other lawful purposes for which non-profit charitable corporations may perform.

The Board of Directors meets monthly at the same time as the LAHS Alumni Association. The annual meeting of the organization is held during Alumni Weekend or the 4th Thursday of October. The Foundation is audited annually, and submits the required federal and state annual returns (a 990 and Institution of Purely Public Charity Registration Statement).

The Board encourages unrestricted donations to the Foundation because they are flexible and thus offer the Lewisburg Area School District the greatest possible benefit.

Within the Foundation’s By-laws we have the following distribution policy:

Interested persons may submit grant proposals to the Board of Directors of the Foundation for funding projects designed to foster, develop or enhance the educational experience of Lewisburg Area School District students. Periodically, the Board of Directors will review all grant proposals received and will make a determination on whether to fund the grant, based on its perception of the school’s needs and funds available.

It is understood that decision regarding educational priorities in the Lewisburg Area School District remain the function of the Board of Directors of the Lewisburg Area School District and that such Board may direct Lewisburg Area High School to refuse to accept any monies offered to it by the Foundation.

Addendum: With the conception of the Green Dragon Foundation in 2008, the Foundation Board of Directors has directed their focus to raising funds for their Scholarship Program. A spirit of collaboration exists between both organizations inasmuch that the students are the beneficiaries of the donations. The LAHS Foundation directs their efforts toward scholarships and the Green Dragon Foundation directs their efforts to bricks-and-mortar and program building in all grade levels. Tax deductible contributions for the Heritage Room can be made to either organization.